Does worrying about trucking accident reports keep you awake at night?

  • Is it expensive to provide 24-hour telephone coverage?
  • Are you concerned about getting complete information and immediate notification about diesel fuel and hazardous spills, injuries and fatalities?
  • Are other important parties getting immediate notification as well – your hazmat vendor, your law firm, regulatory agencies, corporate executives, etc.?
  • Are you having difficulty guaranteeing that the right processes are being followed consistently at all of your locations?

If any of these concerns are familiar, we can help. SUITE 1000 has almost 30 years of experience in handling telephone accident reports for the trucking industry.

Emergency Response: All calls are handled “live” by intake professionals who are trained and experienced in handling complete accident reports. Service is available as needed 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Screening: Callers can be asked specific questions to determine if an accident report needs to be escalated because of a fuel spill, a chemical spill, an injury, or a death. You can create consistent procedures that are followed regardless of which hub a truck was dispatched from.

Reporting: Reporting can be directed to hub supervisors, the safety director, your law firm, etc. Non-urgent situations can be delivered via fax or e-mail. Emergency notifications can happen via any communication medium (ex. phone, pager, Blackberry, text message, etc.).

Labor Savings: We can help you stay “lean and mean”. You can route your after-hour accident calls to us, send us over-flow during peak times or have us handle all of your accident reports. And best of all, your customized account with us gives you the ultimate control over how every call is handled.

We can deliver consistency and peace of mind!