Professional IT Support Call Center

How can you meet your customer’s demands for 24-hour service, timely workflow responses and VIP treatment without spending a fortune on more people, equipment, and phone lines?

SUITE 1000 can help you outsource IT support! We have been in the business of providing technology companies with sales and customer service support for almost 30 years. We offer virtual labor on demand to keep your fixed overhead low and to free-up the expensive time of your technical staff.

Our phone specialists are available 24-hours a day to provide support after-hours, take overflow calls during busy times, or handle all of the calls for specific situations. We can even interact with your own work order ticketing system or CRM application to create a seamless workflow.

Customer Service Support

  • Screen service requests, open new work orders and determine their priority level
  • Assign work orders to specific techs based upon your workflow rules
  • Escalate emergencies and contact on-call staff after-hours
  • Respond to equipment alarm notifications (calls or e-mails) and notify the appropriate staff member
  • Perform quality control checks in your ticketing system to identify work orders that have exceeded their SLA time limits and escalate them to a supervisor

Sales Support

  • Capture leads from your marketing campaigns and website
  • Qualify leads and schedule appointments for salespeople
  • Provide outbound calling for customer satisfaction surveys, invitations to webinars and seminars, reminders about software license renewals and to schedule appointments for service agreement renewals

Don’t spend another day worrying about losing a customer over slow response times! Outsource IT support to SUITE 1000 and know that we’ve got you covered.

If you decide you would like to try our service, there is no long-term contract required. We keep your business by delivering results!