Property Management Telephone Services

property management answering serviceEvery moment counts if you have a major water leak, a gas leak or a tenant trapped in an elevator!

These are just a few examples of why having 24-hour telephone coverage and accurate emergency dispatching is vital.  Your maintenance personnel need to be dispatched to emergencies ASAP.  What they don’t need is to be awakened at 2 a.m. for something that could have waited until the morning.

24 Hour Emergency Answering Services

SUITE 1000 can help.  We have more than 30 years of experience in accurately screening service requests and dispatching emergencies.   We can customize your instructions by an unlimited number of variables such as time of day, type of request, building location, or level of urgency.  Whether a tenant is calling about a towed vehicle, a problem with a gate or card access, a maintenance problem or a disturbance – we can handle it and, if need be, dispatch it correctly.

SUITE 1000 can also ensure that calls generated by your marketing campaigns are always answered.  We can eliminate the possibility of losing a prospective tenant because your staff members were on other calls, out showing a vacant space or otherwise unavailable.

We can protect your property from unnecessary damage, increase tenant satisfaction and help you improve your vacancy rates!