Telephone Sales Support For Homebuilders

Thousands of dollars are at stake every time a builder’s phone rings!  You don’t want to lose even one lead.  But how do you make sure that you have enough phone coverage at your office or your model homes without spending a fortune on more people, equipment, and phone lines?

SUITE 1000 can help.  We have almost three decades of experience providing telephone sales support to homebuilders.  We are available 24-hours a day to make sure that you never lose a sales opportunity.  Our customer service representatives can take your after-hours or overflow calls, or handle all of your calls for special projects.

Live Answering Services That Can:

  • Capture leads from advertisements and route them to your salespeople for immediate follow-up according to your instructions via e-mail, fax, pager, text-message, hand-held device, or mobile phone.
  • Handle calls at model homes when agents are out on the property or unavailable.
  • Provide information to prospects and to agents from other firms such as directions, property information, or drop-off location for offers.
  • Set showing appointments.
  • Dispatch emergency calls regarding listings such as calls related to alarms or problems with a lockbox.
  • Handle RSVPs for special events.
  • Provide sales managers with “lead reports” for follow-up and accountability at sales meetings.
  • Deliver “advertising reports” to determine what advertisements generated the best, most cost-effective leads.
  • Provide support after a sale by making outbound customer satisfaction calls and handling service calls for home warrantees.

Typically, we work with sales executives who are under pressure to increase sales at the same time that the market has become much more competitive.  They are worried about losing sales opportunities and they are frustrated that they don’t have systems of accountability that can help them determine the most effective advertising and the most effective salespeople.