Lean Manufacturing

Stay “lean and mean” 365 days a year!

Lean manufacturing means creating the most cost efficient schedules for your own in-house staff. SUITE 1000 can provide you with the telephone labor-on-demand you need to cover surges in your call volume, calls from different time zones, or peaks created by marketing campaigns so you don’t have to spend a fortune on additional personnel.

Our telephone representatives are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. We can handle roll-over calls during busy times, cover lunches and meetings, take after-hours calls and even handle special projects or events.

SUITE 1000 has almost 30 years of experience as a manufacturing call center. We can take calls from your own employees requesting IT support, calls from your clients who need customer service assistance and calls from your sales prospects who want to inquire about your products and/or services.

Internal IT Support

  • Screen employee IT support requests, open work orders and establish priority levels
  • Assign work orders to your in-house techs based upon your workflow rules
  • Escalate emergencies and contact on-call staff after-hours
  • Respond to equipment alarm notifications (calls or e-mails) and notify the appropriate staff member
  • Perform quality control checks in your ticketing system to identify work orders that have exceeded their SLA time limits and escalate them to a supervisor

Customer Service Support

  • Take orders for products and services
  • Provide help desk services and open work orders
  • Dispatch field service personnel
  • Make outbound calls to customers for satisfaction surveys, invitations to events and reminders to schedule service visits or contract renewals

Sales Support

  • Capture leads from your marketing campaigns and website
  • Qualify leads and schedule appointments for salespeople
  • Handle requests for information packages, catalogs, etc.
  • Make reservations for webinars, seminars, etc.

Adopt the best practices of lean manufacturing. Stop struggling to get the telephone support you need internally and outsource to SUITE 1000!