Telephone Service for Emergency Response

Emergency response answering serviceAre you worried about losing business to your competitors because of slow response times after-hours?

Response time is critical in the emergency response business. If your competition responds more quickly than you do, they get the job and you lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

SUITE 1000 representatives can work directly with your own field personnel to ensure that every service call is answered promptly, 24 hours a day and dispatched immediately.

Our 24/7 Answering Services offer:

  • Customization: You can customize every aspect of your account with us to create consistent procedures that are followed on every call.
  • Control: Calls can be screened by any combination of variables you prefer, such as type of request, urgency, type of service contract, by client, or by location. You determine how your account is built so that you maintain complete control over how calls are handled and routed to your field personnel.
  • Reliable Dispatching: Our system continuously tracks all outstanding service requests on your account. You establish response time limits and control the escalation process that we follow if your on-call personnel fail to respond quickly enough.
  • Reporting & a System of Accountability: SUITE 1000 also provides you with daily detailed call reports to help you with the supervision of your field personnel, to document that your client’s response requirements are being met, to give you information to accurately bill your clients for your services, and to track your staff’s after-hours activities for payroll reporting.

Solve your after-hour dispatching problems once and for all!