Are you tired of struggling to schedule phone coverage for after-hours interpreting requests?

Would you like to be able to pursue hospital, government or police contracts without having to add to your overhead?

SUITE 1000’s customer service representatives are available 24-hours a day to answer your specialized phone calls. We create a customized process to ensure that every job is sent to the correct interpreter, within the time frame you guarantee in your contracts. Complex instructions are not a problem. We can route your calls to your on-call interpreters by language, time of day, client, location or any other parameter or combination of parameters that you require.

SUITE 1000 maintains a schedule of your available interpreters. You decide the order of notification. If the first interpreter is unavailable, we will move on to the second, and continue in any order you chose. We can also call your customers with confirmations and estimated arrival times.

SUITE 1000 allows you to customize the information we capture from your callers. We can gather entirely different information for police calls (officer’s name, badge number, district, person detained) than we do for hospital calls (department, room number, charge nurse, patient record number).

SUITE 1000 also provides daily, detailed call reporting to help you with the supervision of your interpreters, to ensure that your client’s response requirements are being met and to give you information to accurately bill for your services.

Don’t spend one more day struggling to handle after-hour requests for interpreters!