Suite 1000 Q&A

Woman with questions about phone answering services

What should I know about telephone answering services?

Some telephone answering services only take messages. These services do not have the software or the training to handle complex calls or capture sales leads. If a caller does not volunteer to leave a message, they simply do not take one. That leaves you with no way to follow-up. And worse yet, you may have paid for advertising to get the lead they lost.

At Suite 1000 our personnel are trained in the skills required to capture vital information from every caller. We make sure our representatives are knowledgeable about your firm and your procedures, and we don’t reveal the fact that we are an outside service unless you ask us to.

How are calls answered at Suite 1000?

Calls are answered by a live receptionist in your company name. Our clients have the ability to customize every aspect of their accounts. That includes how calls are answered, what information we give out, what information we capture, and how and when that information is delivered to you. In short, we adapt our call-handling processes to your unique business needs.

When are you available to take my calls?

Our live receptionist answering service is available to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can handle your telephone traffic after-hours; take overflow calls during busy times; or we can handle all of the calls for specific types of calls, projects, or marketing campaigns.

What types of calls do you handle?

Suite 1000’s specialized telephone answering service has experience handling both customer service and sales support. We can provide customer help desk services, dispatch service requests to field personnel, capture and qualify sales leads, schedule appointments, and take complete legal intakes. Our phone answering services page provides more detail about each type of call we handle.

Can you handle emails from my website, pay-per-click ads, etc.?

Yes. Emails can “ring” into your account just like a phone call. We answer the email by making an immediate outbound call to collect information and take appropriate action. We can handle emails any time of the day or only during the hours you specify (ex. after-hours and weekends).

How do the receptionists know how to handle my calls?

As soon as we answer one of your calls, your custom account is automatically displayed. It controls how we answer calls, the scripting we use, and the forms you want us to fill out. We can build decision trees into your account to screen calls with a series of questions (that you establish) to determine how a call should be handled and how quickly you need to be notified about it.

How will I receive messages?

You can receive messages any way you prefer via email, text message, phone, fax, pager, comma delimited file or a combination of any of these methods. Suite 1000 can also keep up with on-call schedules that change by the day, week or month.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. We keep your business by delivering results.

How long does it take to get the answering service set-up?

Set-up varies based on complexity. For a standard account, we can have the account set up within one day. For a more complex account, it can take a few business days.

Where are my calls answered?

All of our receptionists work out of our offices in Charlotte, North Carolina.

How long has Suite 1000 been in business?

Suite 1000 has been in the business of satisfying our customers’ callers for over 30 years. When the phone rings, we know it’s more than a call…your business is on the line.