Insurance Call Center

insurance answering service24-hour phone coverage, emergency claim response and complex field dispatch can be an expensive challenge for you to handle on your own. Consider outsourcing to a professional insurance call center!

SUITE 1000 has worked with insurance companies, third-party claims administration firms and independent adjusting services for almost 30 years to help them reduce the overhead required to meet these challenges.

Our customer service representatives are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to handle your claims. Emergencies can be immediately dispatched nationwide to the appropriate response personnel including claims adjusters.

As a call center for insurance, SUITE 1000 can handle roll-over calls to our insurance call center during busy times. We can also assist you in responding to large disasters and we can cover calls after hours and holidays. SUITE 1000 is available to fill your phone coverage gaps, help when it is not cost effective to use your own staff, and allow you to minimize the number of permanent staff you have to keep on your payroll.

Let us help you meet your service level requirements and reduce your costs!