Lead Capture Telephone Answering Service

Other telephone answering services only provide basic message taking. If a caller doesn’t volunteer to leave a message, the service doesn’t capture the lead, and you have no way to follow-up. And worse, you paid for the advertising to get the leads that your sales call center lost!

Professional Telephone Answering Service

SUITE 1000 offers true lead capture telephone answering services. Our representatives are trained in the special techniques required to capture a lead on every call. Our live receptionist services include qualifying prospects and scheduling sales appointments on your behalf.

When clients transfer to us from other lead call centers, it is not unusual for us to capture 30% more leads than they have received in the past!

Lead Qualification

SUITE 1000 can also make sure that you don’t spend time and money chasing leads with prospects that can’t do business with you! We will work with you to develop questions to qualify and prioritize leads.

It is also vital to accurately track your advertising. SUITE 1000 will determine the source of every lead. Our information will allow you to track the results of every penny you spend on advertising, calculate your cost per lead and cost per sale, and compare the effectiveness of different types of advertising.

You have access to our services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to handle your calls after-hours, take overflow calls during busy times, or to handle all of the calls from specific marketing campaigns—including your website.

Our job is to help you make more money with less effort and expense! Read our lead capture telephone answering service case study to learn how we helped one client capture more leads and reduce expenses.