Lead Capture Call Center Case Study

Summary: A leading Lasik surgery center redirected calls to SUITE 1000, resulting in 30% more appointments booked each month and a significant reduction in advertising expenses.

Customer Pain Points: An industry leading Lasik surgery center became concerned that they were spending a lot of money on marketing but losing many of their telephone sales leads. They had busy times of the day when prospects were experiencing long holds and busy signals. They were also getting a lot of after-hours sales calls when no one was available at all. The result was a lot of hang-ups, prospects that were moving on to a competitor, and wasted advertising dollars.

Solution: SUITE 1000 created a lead capture and appointment scheduling process for them. When the surgery center’s lines were full or a staff member was not available, sales calls rolled over to SUITE 1000. Prospects no longer had to hold, get voice mail or get a busy signal. Better yet, a caller could immediately schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

SUITE 1000 also tracked the source of every lead. The Sales Manager received a daily Lead Report to use during sales meetings and the Marketing Manager received a daily Marketing Report that allowed her to determine the most cost effective advertising venues.

Result: The surgery center was able to book 30% more appointments each month. This resulted in thousands of dollars in additional revenue that the center had lost before.

The center’s Marketing Director was also able to reduce advertising expenses. She shifted money away from ads that were performing poorly and redirected the money to those that did performer. She was also able to renegotiate some of their advertising rates now that she had accurate reporting. The eye center was so pleased with SUITE 1000’s results that they subsequently made the decision to send all of their advertising calls to SUITE 1000.