Each time your telephone rings, hundreds or even thousands of dollars can be at stake! Can you afford to lose even one sale?

SUITE 1000 is a very effective lead call center, offering true sales and “lead capture” services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We can handle your calls after-hours, take overflow calls during busy times, or answer the calls from specific marketing campaigns. Our telephone representatives are trained in the special techniques required to capture a lead on every call. We can also qualify prospects, schedule appointments with salespeople and even take complete orders, including payment information.

SUITE 1000 can determine the source of all of your leads. You can track the results from every penny you spend on advertising, calculate cost per lead and cost per sale, and accurately compare the effectiveness of different types of advertising. Our daily reporting also makes it easy for you to monitor activities and create systems of accountability for each of your sales personnel.

Don’t miss another sale. Make Suite 1000 your professional sales call center.