Live Answering Service Order Taking

Fast responseproduct knowledge and accuracy are the three most important aspects of answering service order-taking. Knowledgeable, friendly personnel should always be available to help customers make good choices and collect accurate order information.

SUITE 1000 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to takeaccurate orders whenever you need help. We can handle after-hours calls, overflow calls during busy times, incoming calls from specific marketing campaigns and calls from your website.

Professional Answering Service Order Taking

We provide specific training so each customer service representative thoroughly understands your products or services. Our job is to provide the friendly, knowledgeable helpers that your customers need.

Our representatives are also trained in the special techniques that are required to collect accurate order information. That data can be shared with you in a variety of ways. We can access your own application to input orders, take orders through your website, transmit data via fax or post a comma-delimited file.

When customers have a great buying experience, they buy again!