Professional Phone Dispatch Service

No instructions are too complex. We can build custom decision trees, screening calls with a series of pre-determined questions to establish how a call should be handled and how quickly you need to be notified about it.

Service requests can be distributed to your employees for immediate follow-up. Notification can be done through any type of communication device, including mobile phone, e-mail, text messaging, or pager. Phone dispatch can be done by type of call, location, type of service request, or on-call schedule. We can handle an unlimited number of variables to ensure that the right service technician is dispatched at the right time.

Dispatches that are unanswered by your employees within a pre-set amount of time go through a customized escalation process. Our system continuously tracks all outstanding pages and presents calls back to a representative when the response time limit has expired.

Our customers get a daily report with a complete audit trail of each call, including date and time of receipt, date and time of delivery, and name of person it was delivered to. Our reports make it easy for a manager to monitor activities and create systems of accountability for their personnel.