Email Lead Response Management

Reduce the need for you or your salespeople to constantly check email on phones or other mobile devices while away from your office by trusting our representatives to monitor your email leads. This eliminates the burden of you having to keep a full staff 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Increase Email Lead Response Time

SUITE 1000’s trained representatives will increase your email lead response time so you can get a jump on your competitors. Representatives will:

  • Make follow-up calls.
  • Ask initial qualifying questions.
  • Schedule appointments.

We Make it Easy for You

Connecting SUITE 1000 to your leads is a simple process. Simply copy us on your emailed web forms. Our technology does the rest and directs your email leads into a custom account where they will ring just like a call. Our representatives will then follow-up immediately with an outbound call.

The appropriate salesperson at your company will be notified with results at the end of each call. We can assign leads to your salespeople based on:

  • Location of the prospect.
  • Type of service they requested.
  • Day or time they want an appointment.

Customized reporting will also be created based on your specific needs.

Trust SUITE 1000’s Email Lead Response Management and increase your sales staff’s time and energy to focus on closing new leads.