Medical Intake Services

SUITE 1000 has almost three decades of experience as a medical intake call center. We work with home healthcare agencies such as respiratory care, IV infusion, and durable medical equipment (DME) groups; hospitals and medical practices; medical device manufacturers; pharmaceutical companies; hospices; and other medically-related companies. We are also a leading insurance call center, managing incoming calls to insurance groups accurately and dependably.

We are experienced in taking full new-patient intake orders, including screening for insurance and test results. This means that your technicians and other personnel that are on the road do not have to play telephone tag with referral sources. This saves your staff a tremendous amount of time, allowing them to service their routes faster. The result is that you spend fewer labor dollars, have happier personnel and provide better customer service.

Professional Medical Answering Service

All of our customer service representatives that handle your calls have successfully completed a specialized medical intake call center training program in handling healthcare-related calls. Our training covers terminology, procedures, working with elderly and sick callers, and handling emergency situations.

SUITE 1000 ensures that all of your callers can receive the same level of quality service 24-hours a day, 365 days a week. Our customer service representatives can provide support after-hours, take overflow calls during busy times, or we can handle all of the calls for specific types of situations or projects.

Safety and quality are always the result of consistency!