Contractor Answering Service Case Study

Summary: SUITE 1000 helped a residential remodeler focus his attention on his high-end clients and stop losing new prospects by providing contractor answering services.

Customer Pain Points: A high-end residential remodeler was finding it very challenging to cover his phone calls, go on sales calls, work up estimates and supervise job sites all at the same time. He was forwarding his office calls to his cell phone, but was either constantly interrupted or losing opportunities if he let calls go into voicemail. Nothing was getting his full attention or being done as well as he would have preferred.

Solution: SUITE 1000 provided a live receptionist service. Whenever the remodeler was unavailable, his calls rolled to a receptionist who answered in his company name. Different types of calls were handled according to his specific instructions.

Result: His high-end clients got the type of professional telephone handling they expected and they had his full attention during meetings. New prospects were able to reach someone immediately who could schedule an appointment.  Hang-ups and lost opportunities were eliminated and so was his stress level!