After Hours Answering Service Case Study

Summary: A large insurance agency hired SUITE 1000 as an emergency claims insurance call center. This included providing after-hours service dispatching for extreme emergencies such as injuries and major property damage. The result has been improved service levels and lower payroll costs for the client because they can avoid staffing 24-hours a day.

Customer Pain Points:

An insurance agency was experiencing a couple of challenges. Policy holders needed 24-hour claims service, but it was very expensive to staff for telephone calls around-the-clock. It was also difficult to provide enough personnel during major weather events or other wide spread claims events to handle the increased call volume. Callers were experiencing excessive hold times and were very frustrated by the time they finally reached someone.

The insurance agency needed a solution that would allow them to provide great customer service without the fixed overhead of additional permanent staff.

Solution: SUITE 1000 designed an emergency claims handling process for our client that included proper call screening and accurate dispatching for urgent situations. Calls are routed to us after-hours and we also provided back-up during major claims events.

Result: Our client was able to dramatically improve their customer service levels and reduce the hours and over-time associated with staffing after-hours and covering heavy traffic periods. Policy holders now receive faster service and the insurance agency is saving significant amounts of money. Everyone won!