Legal Intake Case Study

Summary: A personal injury firm forwarded their after-hours calls to SUITE 1000; resulting in 20% more appointments booked each month and a significant reduction in advertising expenses.

Customer Pain Points: The firm was losing potential clients after-hours when their phones were not staffed. Callers were getting voicemail. Many simply hung up and called another practice when they didn’t get a live answer. The firm not only lost revenue, they also lost the money they spent to generate the leads.

Solution: SUITE 1000 created a legal intake and follow-up process for them. After-hours, every call was handled by SUITE 1000’s legal intake specialists. They captured each prospect’s contact information, determined where they heard about the firm and asked case-specific screening questions. The firm’s on-call attorney was immediately notified about callers with serious injuries or other situations that met the qualifications of the practice.

Each morning the firm Administrator received an e-mail with a Daily Lead Report to use during staff meetings and the Marketing Manager received a Daily Marketing Report that allowed her to see the performance of each type of advertising. Each lead included a time and date stamp. This allowed responses to TV and radio ads to be tracked to specific air times.

Result: The firm was able to book 20% more appointments each month. They were also able to begin purchasing less expensive late-night TV advertising and advertise 24-hour service on their website and in other marketing campaigns. The number of leads they received increased while the cost of the leads decreased. The program was so successful that they subsequently decided to send overflow traffic to SUITE 1000 during business hours as well. This ensured that they never lost a prospect because of long hold times or busy signals.