Healthcare Call Center Case Study

Summary: A large medical equipment company hired SUITE 1000 as a healthcare call center for after-hours service dispatching, resulting in improved service levels, lower travel costs billed to the company, and a happier staff.

Customer Pain Points: A very large home respiratory equipment company experienced serious problems with after-hour service dispatching. They had an enormous service area that required multiple delivery drivers and therapists to be on-call.

The answering service they were using was dispatching service requests to the wrong on-call personnel and they were failing to dispatch some emergencies altogether. Patients were experiencing long service delays or getting no service at all. The on-call personnel were frustrated and over-worked and a key manager was even threatening to resign.

Solution: SUITE 1000 designed a service dispatching process for the customer that included proper pre-screening and accurate dispatching. We even helped our client create more efficient service territories.

Result: The company was able to reduce the number of on-call personnel each night. The travel times of the remaining on-call staff were also reduced. Together this saved our client a significant amount of money each month.

Patients received faster service and the doctors and hospitals that referred them actually began to increase the number of referrals that they made. And with SUITE 1000 healthcare call center properly dispatching calls, the key manger who had been so overwhelmed was happy to stay.