Call Center Follow Up Service Case Study

Summary: Suite 1000 helped a national homebuilder streamline its sales cycle and increase close rates by providing outbound customer follow up service.

Customer Pain Points: A national homebuilder was struggling with several issues.  Management wanted to improve the experience that visitors to their model homes were having. The Sales Manager could not monitor whether or not visitors were being screened properly and if they were getting timely sales follow-up. He also suspected that there were leads in their sales pipeline that were not viable prospects – and that good leads were being lost to competitors.

SUITE 1000 set up a system of outbound customer service calls.  Each week the visitors to the model homes received a follow-up call.  We asked them to evaluate their visit, made sure they were a qualified prospect, found out if their salesperson had taken the next step in the company’s sales process and told them we wanted to thank them for their visit and their time on the phone with us by sending a gift.

Prospects were thrilled.  They were surprised that someone cared about the quality of their experience and they were delighted with the unexpected gift.  We were able to create a positive relationship and reinforce the message that they were dealing with a quality builder who took customer satisfaction seriously.  We were also able to identify those salespeople who needed additional training.  The end result was a shorter sales cycle, a higher close rate and a consistent system of accountability.