Telephone Answering Service for Atlanta, GA

Telephone Answering Service Atlanta GADo you need a telephone answering service in Atlanta, GA?

SUITE 1000 supports businesses in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding region 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year with telephone answering services. We can help with appointment scheduling, handling sales leads and customer service calls.

Each business, no matter what industry, no matter how large or small is different and requires custom processes. With over 3 decades of experience, SUITE 1000 understands this. We work with clients to determine the goals for their business, design the process for handling calls, define budget and service expectations and provide a usage monitoring system. Once this is done, a process can be created that will improve the client’s lead capture process and as a result, increase their sales staff’s time to close new deals.

How does SUITE 1000 ensure clients are receiving a satisfactory level of service?

Each client is assigned a Customer Service Manager. A client’s Customer Service Manager proactively reaches out to their client and makes sure goals are being met and process are running smoothly.

SUITE 1000‘s friendly representatives are trained on an ongoing bases to make sure that the individual you trust to handle your business calls is equipped to nurture your customers and win new ones. Our ongoing training includes industry specific training based on that representative’s accounts. We pride ourselves with having some of the most tenured and professional representatives in the industry.

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