Three Things to Look For in Legal Intake Services

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In business, a lot can hang in the balance based upon how well lead response time has been orchestrated. The stakes can range from tens of thousands of dollars to ongoing relationships with key customers. Legal practices that specialize in helping accident victims are especially attuned to the issue of responsiveness.

Successful firms have systems in place to ensure they can provide great lead response times 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. In a business where leads have a very short shelf life, meeting this expectation with quality and affordability can present a challenge. Here are three basic criteria to look for in call centers that advertise live answering services for attorneys:

Efficient Communication

A call center experienced in legal intake services possesses the ability to communicate with callers in a polite yet efficient manner. Live receptionists are proficient in answering calls quickly and asking important qualifying questions. Systems are in place to track the source of leads and delivering information in a timely fashion.

Immediate Delivery

Legal call answering services are also well versed in delivering information according to what works best for the firm. For instance, all leads might be provided via email as they are received. Particularly urgent situations can be sent via email and delivered by phone to a designated or on-call staff member. This type of process allows firms to reach prospects within minutes of their initial call.

Lead Qualification

Anyone who has been injured in an accident has experienced a traumatic and personal violation.  Someone who seeks legal help shortly after one of the worst experiences of their lives deserves to hear a live voice at the end of the line, no matter the time of day. Leveraging an outside call center to deal with the enormous challenges this presents is invaluable, especially when firms are not fully staffed on nights and weekends.

These three basic systems of communication, delivery, and qualification will ensure every prospect receives help and guidance when they ask for it. When leads hang in the balance, a legal intake service built on this core foundation can make all the difference.

What do you need to do to ensure you never lose a lead?

Don't Settle for the Wrong Legal Intake Provider

This blog was written by Laurie Leonard, the President of SUITE 1000, a U.S. based national telephone answering service, inbound call center and outsourced call center service. Her company has specialized in handling legal intake, sales leads, email lead response, appointment scheduling, customer service and help desk calls for over 20 years.

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