Improve Legal Intake With Effective Outsourcing

From capturing the hottest leads to tracking and quantifying where they came from, you’re ready to put your firm on the fast track to higher profitability and lower overhead.

Now you face a critical choice. Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel, and start seeing true progress for your firm? Are you ready to launch the most productive and successful twelve months in your firm’s history?

The Road to Entrepreneurial Success: 8 Concepts to Guide You

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I am an entrepreneur myself and I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs that have been clients of my call center.

The popular press puts forth a million-and-one ideas about what makes an entrepreneur successful. It’s not that these articles don’t have any merit; they just tend to be very heavy on the “conceptual” and rather light on anything “concrete”. They throw around terms like – vision, innovation, strategic thinking, etc.

The success or failure of many of the entrepreneurs I have worked with has often come down to these eight very practical concepts.

Legal Intake With Telephone Tracking

Today a lot of attention is focused on enhancing a firm’s Internet presence. The hard truth is that online tracking will never be effective alone. You still need an old-fashioned “technology” to ensure your marketing time and dollars are effective: An offline process for tracking response. In other words, a telephone tracking and reporting process.

In part one, we showed you how gathering specific numbers can put you ahead of your competition. In this post, we’re going to give you the tools you need to gather and analyze those numbers.

Consistent Lead Qualification Process for Legal Intake

Do you know how many hours a day your legal intake staff spends with unqualified prospects? If you haven’t taken the time to find out, then it’s probably not an answer you’re going to like. That’s why – unless you enjoy wasting time that could be spent on revenue generating activities – it is vital to develop a lead qualification process quickly.

Countdown to July 4th

You can’t afford to lose sales opportunities or tick-off clients, but you want to enjoy the holiday yourself. Here’s your go-to check-list to help you think through your telephone holiday coverage so you can plan ahead and have a more enjoyable Independence Day.

PR Nightmares & Exploding Phones

In an interconnected world, it has become increasingly common for even small businesses to get hit with PR nightmares that require a crisis communications plan. We are all only one click away from a potentially embarrassing and very public problem.

Protection requires preparation. Here’s an example. We helped a client quickly handle a PR nightmare with a quick-thinking and simple suggestions.

Legal Intake: Your Website’s Impact on Telephone Calls

Many personal injury firms are making a huge mistake with their website.

This mistake may cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost prospects, and it is an enormous source of frustration for the attorneys who make it. Wouldn’t you like to know how to avoid making this same mistake?