Three Things to Look For in Legal Intake Services

In business, a lot can hang in the balance based upon how well lead response time has been orchestrated. The stakes can range from tens of thousands of dollars to ongoing relationships with key customers. Legal practices that specialize in helping accident victims are especially attuned to the issue of responsiveness.

Five Questions to Ask Before Buying Phone Answering Services

Making the move to an outsourced call center, or switching from an ineffective answering service to a high quality provider, can yield significant benefits for many businesses. Yet not all telephone answering services are created equal.

When researching phone answering services, asking these questions can help ensure you making the right decision before purchasing call services.

Enhancing Your Legal Intake Sales Process

As consumers become more educated through the myriad sources of information available today, they’re also becoming more choosy about the marketing messages they allow into their lives. As a result, it’s increasingly tough for sellers to reach the right buyers. “Consumers seek out the seller when they wish, not the other way around.”

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