Five Questions to Ask Before Buying Phone Answering Services

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Making the move to an outsourced call center, or switching from an ineffective answering service to a high quality provider, can yield significant benefits for many businesses. Yet not all telephone answering services are created equal. When researching and buying phone answering services, asking these questions can help ensure you making the right decision before purchasing call services.

1) Will there be additional charges for account changes and on-call updates?

Preferred answer: No. Otherwise, you’re at risk for surprises on your bill.

2) Is phone ring-time and hold time billable?

Preferred answer: No. Billing for hold time rewards the call center for poor service and runs up your bill unnecessarily.

3) What is the average call length for our type of calls?

Preferred answer: Anything reasonable, as long as it’s detailed and backed up by evidence. A reputable company will have a history of similar clients to draw on and can give you a firm answer to this question.

4) Are there additional charges for after-hours calls or holidays?

Preferred answer: No. There is no additional cost for coverage during these times.

5) Will you give me an overall cost projection for an average billing cycle?

Preferred answer: Yes. While there may be small variations in billing cycles, in most cases, the provider should be able to give you a reliable average estimate for your specific account.

Outsourcing calls important to your business is a big decision. Knowing the right questions to ask – and the answers that align with industry best practices – will better inform your purchasing decision. To learn more about how to avoid common mistakes and choose the right provider for your business, download our free guide below.

Call Center Buying Guide

This blog was written by Laurie Leonard, the President of SUITE 1000, a U.S. based national telephone answering service, inbound call center and outsourced call center service. Her company has specialized in handling legal intake, sales leads, email lead response, appointment scheduling, customer service and help desk calls for over 20 years.

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