Five Questions to Ask Before Buying Phone Answering Services

Making the move to an outsourced call center, or switching from an ineffective answering service to a high quality provider, can yield significant benefits for many businesses. Yet not all telephone answering services are created equal.

When researching phone answering services, asking these questions can help ensure you making the right decision before purchasing call services.

The Road to Entrepreneurial Success: 8 Concepts to Guide You

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I am an entrepreneur myself and I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs that have been clients of my call center.

The popular press puts forth a million-and-one ideas about what makes an entrepreneur successful. It’s not that these articles don’t have any merit; they just tend to be very heavy on the “conceptual” and rather light on anything “concrete”. They throw around terms like – vision, innovation, strategic thinking, etc.

The success or failure of many of the entrepreneurs I have worked with has often come down to these eight very practical concepts.

Countdown to July 4th

You can’t afford to lose sales opportunities or tick-off clients, but you want to enjoy the holiday yourself. Here’s your go-to check-list to help you think through your telephone holiday coverage so you can plan ahead and have a more enjoyable Independence Day.